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Airdrie, AB, T4B 3G4


Dash Cams

Evidence is everything, protect yourself and your vehicle. We give you that sense of security, with only the top brands on the market. 


Unparalleled Reliability, Smart Connectivity, Uncompromising Simplicity.

BlackVue offers reliable dash cams ideal for motorists that simply want to record driving scenes from the front windshield and rear. Full HD video quality catches detailed footage and never misses a moment of what is going on in and around your vehicle. Some models have built in WiFi which allows you to communicate with the dash cam via the free BlackVue app on your smart phone and tablet to watch recorded or live video without taking out the SD card. BlackVue offers a compact and sleek body in matte black, which makes it unoticeable and does not affect visibility. Perfect to provide video proof in case of an unfortunate event such as an accident or robbery.


The road is a wild place, where anything can happen ... anything! Which is why it’s a good idea to record your ride with the Drive HD Dash Cam by Cobra. Now, you’ve got evidence. Unbelievably funny footage. And all kinds of other great stuff too. Never miss a moment again with HD Dash Cams from Cobra.