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Spotlight Products

We’re taking some time out to review a Clarion Amplifier and a Viper Remote Car Starter system. We think you’ll want to get your hands on them, too.

A Detailed look at our must-haves


This month, we’re taking some time out to review two products we are huge fans of, and we think you’ll want to get your hands on them, too.

Clarion XC6410 Amplifier

If you’re looking for an amp that will work in both a car and a boat, this is the one you want. It has total compatibility with marine applications, so if you’re already thinking about summer and sound, Clarion is the brand you’re after. XC amps are a popular version because of their corrosion-resistant RCA and block terminals, so bring on the harshest of environments.

Embedded high pass and low pass filters make for easy subwoofer configurations, and the sound quality you’ll get is outstanding. XCs minimize distortion because they resist magnetic sound, thanks to the Ground Loop Isolation Circuit they are known for.


This 4/3/2 channel Class D amplifier has many more features you’ll appreciate:

  • 600 Watts of max. music power

  • MOS-FET power supply

  • Independent front & rear bass extender control

  • Soft turn-on/turn-off circuitry

  • 125 Watts x 4 continuous @ 2-Ohms

  • Stainless hardware


For the exemplary sound quality it offers, the solid engineering, and the wide variety of applications it offers, Clarion’s XC6410 is a great deal.

For more information about Car Audio, Click Here.


If you’ve done a little exploring on our page, you’ll see that we put up a tutorial video on this particular remote starter. It’s not up there because it’s tricky, or we think you’ll get confused; it’s up there because we want to you see for yourself how user friendly it is before you even buy it.


A few reasons that Viper Smart Start is one of our go-to brands for remote starters:

  • an easy to use interface, like a key fob

  • a multi-vehicle option

  • save park location function

  • virtually unlimited range

  • panic button to trigger horn/siren

  • customizable car settings

Take another look at the Viper Smart Start tutorial here and see some of these features for yourself.